Initial Type Rating

King Air Initial Type Rating Course

PFT’s FAA-approved initial type rating course culminates in 4 flights in a real, live King Air 300 equipped with the peerless Garmin G1000 avionics system. No simulator can replicate this experience. On the last flight, you will receive a stage check by one of our FAA-approved check instructors. Following that, you will receive a practical test from an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner.

Our 13-day course includes 4 days of systems and ground instruction, 4 sessions in a full-motion King Air 300 AATD, 4 flight sessions training at Leesburg airport, VA (KJYO), and 1 day allocated to the FAA oral and practical test. Depending on your needs, tailored training that includes high-altitude endorsement, model-specific autopilot system, and 300/350 differences training can be added on.


  • Days 1-4: 6 hour classroom sessions on aircraft systems, the Garmin G1000 avionics suite, and performance planning. Two hours are reserved at the end of each day for training in checklist procedures and flight profiles in a cockpit procedures trainer (CPT).
  • Days 5-8: 2 hour sessions in the full-motion AATD, instruction on the G1000 system using the Garmin desktop simulator, and continued review of procedures in the CPT.
  • Days 9-12: 2 hour flight training sessions in normal, abnormal, and emergency flight procedures in preparation for the FAA checkride. All flights include a one-hour brief and debrief. Additionally, a 2 hour oral examination preparation session is included.
  • Day 13: oral and practical test.

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