Universal FMS

Universal FMS UNS-1Fw

The UNS-1Fw comprises a control display unit and a remotely mounted navigation computer unit. Two flat panel control display units (FPCDU) are available: a compact FPCDU with 4-inch color display and the standard FPCDU which features a 5-inch color display as well as optional capabilities for UniLink weather graphics and video interface. Both units are less than 3½ inches deep.

The navigation computer is housed in a 2-MCU sized line replaceable unit (LRU) featuring the most extensive input/output capabilities for advanced system integration.

  • Control panels
  • Power ON self test
  • MSG (Message) alert
  • Initialization
  • FPL (Flight Plan) Entry
  • DATA Pages
  • NAV Pages
  • VNAV
  • LIST Function
  • PERF Page
  • TUNE Function
  • Search Patterns
  • Initialization
  • Line Select Keys
  • Emergency Keys
  • Active Key
  • Brightness Control
  • Preset Frequencies
  • Active Frequencies
  • Recall/Select frequencies
  • Select Knob
  • Xtune
  • ID