What We Do



"Business aircraft can fly directly between any two locations served by nearly 3,500 airports in the contiguous U.S. – over ten times the locations served by scheduled airlines. On-the-road costs, such as hotels, meals, airport parking, rental cars, taxis, etc., can be minimized by efficient, shorter itineraries."

Save Time

“Efficient employee scheduling and employee time saved are key advantages of business aircraft use. Because business aircraft have the ability to fly nonstop between 3,500 small, close-in airports – ten times the number of locations served by scheduled airlines in the United States – highly efficient employee time management becomes a very real benefit. Additionally, the value of employee time often exceeds its cost to the company by substantial margins, further increasing the importance of employee time savings. Simply stated, business aviation helps a company obtain maximum productivity from its two most important assets – people and time."

Increase Productivity

"Employee productivity sustained enroute to a business destination – in a secure office environment, free from interruptions, distractions or eavesdropping – can have substantial value to an employer. Group productivity, maximized due to the common availability of club seating and tables, often is unique to business aircraft. Strategizing before meetings and debriefing afterwards are common practices often facilitated and encouraged by business aircraft cabin configurations."

Industrial Security

"For many companies, the protection of personnel from uncontrolled public exposure alone is justification for business aircraft use. Avoiding eavesdropping, reducing travel visibility, eliminating unwanted and unnecessary conversations and interruptions, all support the use of business aircraft to safeguard company employees and the sensitive information they carry."